1971 Ford LTD Convertible

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Year: 1971 Odometer: 65592
Type: Convertible Transmission: Automatic
Colour: Red
Cubic Capacity: 7 L. / 8 cylinders
Power: 360 hp
Origin: Idaho
Price: Sold

This Ford LTD Convertible is equipped with the second largest engine of Ford,
the 429ci (7 liter) V8 engine and with a PS number
360 This is a fantastic 'Cruiser'.
It presents itself in the traditional red color with a white top and
white pinstriping.
The paint is in pretty good shape and the
Top is even in a very good condition.

The equally classic red-colored interior with vinyl siding
is in a state of well-preserved.
The cladding of the doors, chairs and the dashboard are clean.
As the seat of the passenger shallow some slight signs of wear.

The full-size Ford's got in 1971 a new
Design, customized BBQ
sunken headlights, the rear lights have been adjusted and
many (small) changes were made.

This Convertible is equipped with power windows, tinted glass,
Air Conditioning, FM stereo, power steering, power brakes and
Whitewall tires with Ford hubcaps.

US Import, This car already has been imported in the European Union.
All import taxes and fees are already paid for.
The car has a US Title and EU Customs documents.
We can organize transport for you.

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