1985 Ferrari 308 Ferari 308 Replika Red

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Year: 1985 Odometer: 17940
Type: Convertible Transmission: Automatic
Colour: Red
Cubic Capacity: 2.8 L. / 6 cylinders
Power: 140 hp
Origin: New Mexico
Price: Sold

This is a very nice, not to distinguish genuine Ferari replica.

These sporty convertible has become established on the basis of Pontiac Fiero 6 cylinder
and is in very good condition.
The interior is also very clean and sporty, it has very nice sports chair
and a nice Ferari (replica) wheel.

The deep red paint is in good condition.

Further, this sports car has lots of cool details like Ferari
original Ferari emblems and original Ferari wheels!

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