1966 Chevrolet C10 5.7 Liter V8 / Side Steps

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Year: 1966 Odometer: 99999
Type: Pick-up Transmission: Automatic
Colour: Violet
Cubic Capacity: 5.7 L. / 8 cylinders
Power: 220 hp
Origin: Utah
Price: Sold

The C10 is just amazing!
Equipped with a digital dashboard,
chrome exhaust tips and chrome side steps
it is in a really good condition.

The beautiful purple paint with all of the chrome
is in a very good condition.

The C10 is powered by a 5.7 litre V8
engine which runs very well.
The automatic gearbox shifts very good.

The C10 comes with power brakes and
power steering.
All of the weather strips are in a
very good condition and are like new.

The giant bed is equipped with
very good dark wood and metall strips.
The bed comes with a very good bed cover
which is in a excellent condition.

The interior is in a very good condition.
The doorpanels, the digital dashboard,
the carpet and the headliner are all
in a very good condition.

The Chevrolet stands on chrome rims
and El Dorado Vision GTS tires.

US Import, This car already has been imported in the European Union.
All import taxes and fees are already paid for.
The car has a US Title and EU Customs documents.
We can organize transport for you.

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