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1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Dax |

Bouwjaar: 1966
Kleur: Rood / White Striping
Type: Sport Coupe
Motor: 5.7 Liter V8 350 Chevy Engine with twisted wedge heads!
Vermogen: > 300 pk
Kmstand: 5.000
Herkomst: USA

It was America’s top driver Carol Shelby, who was the spiritual father of the famous Cobra.
In the beginning of the sixty’s, Shelby was looking for a small car with a mighty V8.
Shelby was an experienced driver with Anglo –American hybrids.
But he was not satisfied. Shelby asked a lot of car manufacturers for help,
but not any company wanted competition.
Chevrolet was interested but they didn’t accept any competition for their corvette.
So Carol Shelby went to Europe and asked AC cars for help.
The question was ; build a car which is modified to accept a V8 engine.
Carol Shelby was a driver experienced in driving the famous Allard.
Ford was interested in delivering the engines.
The new Ford 260 HiPo Lightweight V8 received the honour
to be the power source in the new car.
In 1962 at AC cars, Surrey England, the building of the chassis started.
After testing, the chassis was air freighted to Carol Shelby,
and in only eight hours Carol Shelby fitted the chassis with an engine and transmission.
Shelby tested the car and a dream came true.
Production was easy, AC cars was experienced in building chassis and
the lightweight engine was easy to install.
It’s been said that Carol Shelby prevented Ac Cars for bankruptcy.
The cobra became an instant success;
the car was known as the “corvette beater” and proved to be a very successful racing car.
Unfortunately the car was a Financial Failure despite his success in racing.
During the sixty’s the cobra was no longer build by only Ac cars,
A lot of so-called replica’s were constructed and sometimes better than the original’

This cobra is a very rare specimen, manufactured by Elegant motors,
one of the manufactures of at the top of the American Cobra Market!
Using big V8 Engines for their Cobra’s
The car is built on a corvette C3 chassis
built with a 5,7 ltr V8 350 Chevrolet engine with twisted wedge heads
the car generates an astonishing more then 300 HP.
Engine and transmission are functioning Excellent.
The Lacquer is in very good condition and contains a beautiful deep glow
Chrome parts as Side exhaust, shock absorbers and clamps are in absolute top state.
The upholstered black leather interior is in excellent condition
Carpet and dashboard are in top condition.
The Chromed rims are in excellent condition.

A short summarize learns,
that this cobra belongs at the top of the cobra market
and actually should not be called a replica!

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