1914 Ford Model T DepotHack

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Year: 1914 Odometer: 99999
Type: Stationwagon Transmission: manual
Colour: Black
Cubic Capacity: 2.9 L. / 4 cylinders
Power: 20 hp
Origin: Missouri
Price: € 27.950,-

The T-Ford is true classic car from the beginning of the 1900's which is designed and developed by Henry Ford and it was build until 1927.

The T-Ford was called the Tin Lizzie or in German "BlechLieschen".
With the T-Ford Ford created a break trough in the car industry as the first one to create the cars on a
assembly line production so every American could own his own Ford.

The Model T is in a original condition and runs very well.
The Depot Hack is the predecessor of the Station Wagon and as a collectors item for US car enthusiastic the T Ford is just a must be and should be in every collection.

The paint on the Ford is in a very good condition and the wood is just as well in a very good condition.

US Import, This car already has been imported in the European Union.
All import taxes and fees are already paid for.
The car has a US Title and EU Customs documents.
We can organize transport for you.

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