You want to sell your classic American car, other classic or exotic car.
We offer the opportunity to sell your Classic Car in the Consignment with us!

Why should I do that?

We handle the entire process.
Just as taking care of, washing and possibly polishing your car.
We Photograph your car in every single detail.
As we do with our own cars.
We also offer your Classic Car in Europe on many Internet portals,
Magazines and also on our own very well visited website.

We are selling the car for you, and present it professionally in our Showroom.
Where we offer a wide selection of American classics, classic and exotic cars
We have a great Classic and US-Scene enthusiast?s audience from all over Europe and beyond.
Besides you don't have to make time, every time
you have somebody that might be interested in your car.
And after all, your (American) Classic is stored dry inside in our showroom.

We will discuss the condition of your car together in advance.
Then we will agree up on a fixed price what you will get,
once the car will get sold. So you know exactly what you get
and we avoid any hidden surprises.

Selling your car in consignment with us, will give
you a very realistic chance of selling it quickly.
Because of the professional presentation, the huge amount of classic
cars we are offering combined with the extensive advertising campaigns
and The great Classic and US-Scene enthusiasts audience that travels to our showroom
from all over Europe and beyond. Besides we offer the opportunity to trade in a car
on yours. Which increases the chance on a possible sale significantly!

Short summary
You have one worry less and we will probably be make someone else
Happy with your nice Classic!

Are you interested, then come by for more information
or just give us a call.
+49 (0)2822 53 75 722

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