If you like to stay overnight close to our Classic Cars showroom.
We selected a several hotels in our direct area for you.

Our recommendation:
Hotel Doppeladler

This hotel has comfortable rooms.
But also an excellent kitchen, that servs various regional and international dishes.
such as Steaks and Fish specialties.
This hotel is just 19km away from our Classic Car Showroom.
For more information, see the website:

When you are looking for a hotel closer to our Classic Cars Showroom.
We also provide a several hotels directly in Emmerich:

Hotel Stadt Emmerich
Hotel Klosterberg
Bed & Breakfast
Unter den linden

Exclusive night:
Directly over the border with the Netherlands, you will find the Museum and Castle Bergh.
If you like you can sleep overnight in one of the Towers of the Castle Bergh.

For more information, see the Website:Kasteel Bergh


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