Driving Directions when traveling with a car

Our Adress:
RD Classics
Dechant-Sprünken-Strasse 50-54
46446 Emmerich am rhein

When you use a navigationsystem / GPS,
We advise you to enter the house number as well and not just the street name.
If you navigation does not support house numbers, you can enter the
"Intersection with the Tackenweide" or the "Intersection with the Beiersdorfstrasse"

If you don't provide a house number or intersection, your navigation will guide you
into the residential area instead of the commercial area.
This because our street, the "Dechant-Sprünken-Strasse" is devided in 2 seperate areas.

When you want specific instructions to our Oldtimer showroom from your location,
enter your address below:

Your Adress:

Exit A3(Emmerich) from Germany - Exit A3(Emmerich) from The Netherlands
German Cities: Berlin - Frankfurt - Hamburg - Hannover - Stuttgart - München
Other Cities: Arnhem(NL) - Utrecht(NL) - Antwerpen(BE) - Brussels(BE) - Paris(FR) - Zürich(CH) - Wien(AT)

GEO-Coordinates for GPS / Navigationsystems: 51.841560, 6.269923

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