1956 Ford F 150 / F 100 351 W

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Year: 1956 Odometer: 6027
Type: Pick-up Transmission: Automatic
Colour: Black
Cubic Capacity: 5.8 L. / 8 cylinders
Power: 250 hp
Price: Sold

A fantastically beautiful and peculiar Ford pick up.

The 5.8 liter V8 engine runs very well.

This truck is designed in matt black paint which provides
for an exceptionally beautiful effect.
As the paint runs and the chrome in very good condition.
The dashboard and the door panels are also executed
in matte black which fits nicely with the outside.
The whole interior is very clean and in good shape.

The cargo area is in good condition, the wide tires are good
and equipped with beautiful, shiny hubcaps.

At the same time this pick up is equipped with power steering.

US Import, This car already has been imported.
All import taxes and fees are already paid for.
The car has a US Title and Customs documents.

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