1955 Dodge Custom Royale mit TUV und H-Gutachten

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Year: 1955 Odometer: 77000
Type: Sedan Transmission: manual
Colour: White
Cubic Capacity: 4.4 L. / 8 cylinders
Power: 183 hp
Origin: Deutschland
Price: Sold

The Dodge Custom Royal Sedan was in his time the flagship off Dodge and also was called the Custom Royal Lancer.
He came with unique chrome tail fins and elegant taillights.

Equipped with the timely 3-tone paint in pink and crème with a black roof this Dodge is a truly recognisable 50's car.

The beautiful 3-tone paint with a black roof is in a very good shape, and the lots of striking chrome on the Dodge are in a good condition.
All of the weather strips are as good as new.
The original hubcaps are also in a good condition.

The "Super Red Ram" engine runs very well and
delivers 183 HP.

The interior is in a good to very good condition,
the headliner, the door panels and the dashboard are in a
very good shape.
The front seats as well as the backseats are in
a good condition with a slight patina.

The Dodge Custom Royal is equipped with power steering and power brakes.

The Custom Royal comes with German documents,
TUV and H-Gutachten.

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