1968 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe mit TUV und H-Zulassung

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Year: 1968 Odometer: 69347
Type: Coupe Transmission: Automatic
Colour: brown
Cubic Capacity: 7.7 L. / 8 cylinders
Power: 375 hp
Origin: Massachusetts
Price: Sold

Since 1968, this Cadillac has been owned by only one family.
This family has the Cadillac always maintained very well and the
This car is in an original state.

Also the chrome of this vehicle is in a good condition.

good to see to the interior of this vehicle is as well entertained this
Eldorado has always been.
The dashboard, door panels, carpet and sky
are all in a clean and good condition.
The leather seats are in a very
 good condition.

At the same time, the vinyl roof is in a
good constitution.

Engine and transmission run well and the car drives then quite well.

The tires of this vehicle are equipped with the original Cadillac hubcaps.

It has a German letter with TÜV and H-approval

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